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NEWTEK VIETNAM has been evaluated by customers as a reliable partner in large projects, and has indeed become an important and trusted partner of many brands such as: Vingroup -Vinmart, Komonoya, Lanchi, Eximart, Sakura, KisdPlaza, Samsung, Meiko, ASAHI, ABB, Terumo, Mascot, Canon, Sumitomo, SSG, Atsumitec, Keihin...

— Supermarket Display & Shelf:  Shelf, Gondolas, Display Shelf, Promotion Bin..Wall Art work, Promotion Shelf

— Kệ Kho / Giá để hàng:  Giá hạng nặng, Kệ Pallet, Kệ Selective, Kệ Drive in, Kệ Push in, Kệ Shutter, Kệ Tay đỡ,  Kệ để đồ hỗn hợp, Giá đa năng, Giá sách, Kệ không vít , Kệ Roller

— Metal Locker: Closet, Locker, Processing table, Metal Bed, Stainless steel table

— Supplememtary Items:  Cart, Pallet,  Stackle pallet,, Mobile Cart, Electrical Cabinet,

— Wooden Items: Wodden Shelf and Gondolas and customized

— Protective consultancy and Maintenance Service