1.Warranty. The warranty period for Newtek products is 12 months, for warehouse racking products is 3 years. For warranty information, please contact customer care. Phone number listed on the Receipt 2. Warranty Conditions: Newtek only provides warranty service if you still keep the original invoice and the warranty period is calculated from the date you receive the product. Newtek determines the warranty by repairing, replacing, or returning the product. 3. Warranty Process: Newtel tests products to determine warranty service coverage. Newtek repairs the defective product, replaces it with a similar/equivalent product or refunds you. If the product is no longer available for sale, Newtek will recommend a suitable replacement. When the product is under warranty, Newtek is responsible for the cost of repair, replacement of parts, shipping of goods returned to the customer. Any parts that are replaced or removed during the repair will be the property of Newtek. 4. Scope of Warranty: The Newtek warranty is only applicable to products damaged due to manufacturer defects or defects in materials. The warranty does not apply to any damage caused after purchase by the customer, or other damage caused by careless use, improper storage, excessive loading, cleaning of the product with Improper materials or methods (eg:  Scratches, use of chemicals in wet places, overloaded stacking…..). The warranty also does not apply to normal wear and tear, cuts, scrapes, rust caused by scratches, damage caused by collision or accident.